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Conor ‘Money’ McGregor slams his haters in Instagram post

Conor McGregor has no problem firing back at his detractors while also touting his extreme wealth, and he managed to do both things with an Instagram post late Tuesday night.

Just recently, McGregor purchased a pair of Rolls Royce sedans to add to his growing car collection and he used that as the setting for his vitriolic, rhyming post aimed at his haters.

“I smell like a brand new car, wearing brand new clothes. Why would I ever give a (expletive) about you gossiping (expletive),” McGregor wrote.

The post was seemingly aimed at a few different candidates, including his long list of critics who have panned the UFC featherweight champion for possibly pursuing a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather rather than returning to his turf inside the Octagon.

McGregor did take direct aim at Mayweather with one of his hash tags in the Instagram post as he called himself “Money McGregor” and taunted the retired pound-for-pound king by saying “what’s Floyd gonna do?”

The gossiping comment could have also been aimed at former sparring partner and professional boxer Chris Van Heerden, who had some interesting things to say about McGregor after the two spent six rounds in the ring together recently.


Van Heerden told Esnews that McGregor was definitely talented with good speed and precision, but his power was non-existent with 16-ounce gloves and he didn’t think the Irishman would fare well against any pro boxer, much less someone like Mayweather.

“A boxer would beat a MMA fighter,” Van Heerden said about what he learned boxing McGregor. “A professional boxer beats a professional MMA fighter in the stand up game any day. Remember, I just got off a plane, I haven’t been in a gym for one month and that is the first time I laced up gloves and I wanted to prove a point to myself that no stand up MMA fighter can go with a stand up professional fighter.”

Whoever got under McGregor’s skin, he obviously felt like firing back and this probably won’t be the last time he takes aim at his detractors — at least until he books his next fight.

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