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Tony Romo is out to prove that his injury-plagued 2015 was an ‘anomaly’

As Tony Romo goes, so go the Dallas Cowboys. Last year’s 4-12 season further proved that logic to be true as the team went 3-1 with him under center but 1-11 without Romo.

But Romo doesn’t believe last year is a sign that the 36-year-old quarterback is starting to break down.

“I understand where I’m at in my career. I also understand that — I was hurt and banged up last year, but it’s a collarbone,” Romo said, via the team’s official website. “I don’t think my collarbone is going to be anything that takes you out every year that you play football.”

 Romo, who had surgery on his collarbone in March, sees last year’s injury-plagued season, when he had career-lows in virtually every category, as more of a fluke.

“I guess what I’m trying to say, basically, is I feel like last year was an anomaly,” he said. “If we’re going to base it all on that, you have to come back and prove differently. But the fact that we went 4-12, whether I was playing or not – we have to do better. I think part of that is me being healthy, I think part of that is guys getting better and improving.”

Romo is not the only star Cowboy looking to have a bounce-back season after being limited by injuries. Dez Bryant is making progress as he recovers from offseason foot surgery. If he returns to his dominant form and No. 4-overall pick Ezekiel Elliott solidifies the running game, the Cowboys offense could be lethal.

Cowboys veteran tight end Jason Witten has been encouraged by what he’s seen from Romo this offseason. Witten knows that Romo’s health could be the deciding factor in Dallas’ chances at the postseason in 2016.

“I think that excites us all, to know that somebody at that position, what’s asked of him – how well he’s playing,” Witten said. “It gives us such positive feelings moving forward, to see him back healthy and better than what he was before.”

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